State of the country:Igbo will endure in the event that they secede —Senator Doguwa


Whoever secedes from Nigeria as it’s lately is not going to be successful
South will not name North parasites with oil discovery in North

Senator Muslihu El-Jibrin Doguwa used to be chairman Senate Committee on Agriculture between 1999 and 2003. He had additionally served as an area executive chairman, Kano State chairman of the Folks’s Democratic Celebration PDP two times, and Managing Director of Hadejia Jamma’are River Basin Building Authority. Doguwa, who joined the All Progressives Congress, APC, ahead of the remaining normal elections, on this interview amongst others spoke at the state of the country and the best way ahead.

By means of Abdulmumin Murtala


Muslihu El-Jibrin Doguwa

59 years after independence, how do you  view the rustic’s political construction to this point?

We need to be thankful to our founding fathers. Those that fought for our independence in 1960 will have to be liked. We will have to admire their zeal, braveness and backbone that resulted in our independence in spite of the entire odds. Secondly, we need to admire them for uniting themselves even with their variations. You’ll be able to see Sir Ahmadu Bello from the North, Leader Nnamdi Azikiwe from the East and Leader Obafemi Awolowo from the West. There are numerous others like Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Malam Aminu Kano and numerous them who joined their arms in combination, saved apart their political variations and were given us independence 59 years in the past.

Sadly, the query now could be have we been ready to control that team spirit we inherited from them?   The solution isn’t any, we’ve now not.

One can understatnd that during 1979 when Alhaji Shehu Shagari was the primary Govt President, Malam Aminu Kano used to be within the opposition however he gave recommendation on how the rustic may well be ruled.

However lately there are numerous variations, and adjustments. Folks don’t wish to percentage their wisdom with the opposition, the opposition doesn’t wish to percentage its wisdom with the birthday celebration in executive. While you discuss team spirit and political construction in Nigeria one will for sure see that there’s a very lengthy method to cross. On would ask, what are we looking to depart in the back of as legacy for our other folks?

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The legacy we are actually leaving isn’t a unifying legacy. While you have a look at your other folks, while you have a look at your kids do you notice them dwelling alongside the similar development? The ones from the South, East and West do they see themselves as Nigerians?

On the contrary, now, other folks don’t see themselves as Nigerians first. I see myself as a northerner, the opposite sees himself as a southerner and on and on. Extra so, even within the North, I see myself as a Kano guy and I will be able to now not percentage my perspectives with anyone from Jigawa, Kaduna or Sokoto. That shouldn’t be the case. We are meant to see ourselves first as Nigerians then as northerners because the case is also in order that the team spirit we inherited from our founding fathers might be significant and helpful to us.

There’s a very lengthy method to cross while you communicate of political construction. Now we have evolved with regards to inhabitants, we’ve evolved with regards to development homes and roads however have we evolved in our need to be just right other folks which can be fair, trustworthy or clear? Are we in point of fact as just right as we must be? Are we  a dedicated other folks looking to transfer the rustic ahead?


Speaking about team spirit what are your perspectives at the agitations of the Indigenous Folks of Biafra, IPOB for Biafra Republic?

Let me inform you about this factor of IPOB, Afenifere and northerners, we don’t see ourselves as Nigerians. Throughout the times of Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, he mentioned Nigeria, he talked concerning the issues within the East, he talked concerning the issues within the West and there used to be that regional factor; the Northern Area, the Southern Area and the Jap Area and the remainder. When the leaders got here along side every one coming to give a case for his area, they mentioned it wholly. However lately that you’ve got 36 states, every member is speaking about his state; while you return to his state you might have about 43 constituencies with every one speaking about his personal constituency. So, on the centre how would one be happy when there are 360 federal constituencies? While you come to Kano, as an example, how do you are expecting anyone to fulfill 44 constituencies?

The problem is that the ones other folks in IPOB, and identical actions agitations weren’t round when our founding fathers have been speaking concerning the team spirit of this nation. Because of this they’re bastardizing the considering of our youths and striking them at the mistaken trail, considering that once they secede they’re going to be successful. Whoever secedes from Nigeria as it’s lately is not going to be successful.

Let me inform you this, particularly the IPOB that has made it a topic, if they’re allowed to move they’re going to cry. Let me come up with a easy instance, are you able to inform me any small village in Nigeria lately that you can not in finding an Igbo guy? You’ll be able to’t. You’ll be able to’t inform me of a small village on this nation the place you are going to now not in finding an Igbo guy doing his small trade or industry. After they secede will they then say they’re going again to their very own nation? Do you suppose we in the remainder Nigeria will let them proceed to stick in our villages or in our personal section? Or will they permit our other folks to stick in their very own section? No, they’re going to now not.

There will have to be some systematic procedures for anyone to stick on your position. Pass to Sudan the place they have been separated into Southern Sudan and Northern Sudan, do you suppose anyone from Southern Sudan can simply cross and keep in northern Sudan identical to that? He can’t as a result of it’s not more his nation. It’s the identical factor that might be of Nigeria, everybody must transfer to his personal area. Now we have homes of their area they usually even have numerous homes in our area. They’ve forgotten that historical past is supposed for use in shaping the long run.

I did my NYSC in Rivers State, in 1979. Then the problem of deserted assets used to be nonetheless lingering within the state between the Igbo and the folks of Rivers and as much as day after today that factor remains to be there.  The Igbo other folks have forgotten the problem of deserted homes in Rivers. What  would they do about that one? How would they cross about it? So, the IPOB and different people who find themselves agitating for secession or revolution and such things as which can be handiest losing their time. There might be no revolution in Nigeria and there might be no phase of Nigeria that can cross its personal manner.

What’s your take requires restructuring of Nigeria?

That’s what we’re but to know and our other folks don’t seem to be but skilled at the factor of this restructuring. Perhaps individuals are misconceiving restructuring to imply independence. It’s not. Restructuring is most certainly: within the North, we’re farmers, we’ve lands, we will be able to broaden our personal tactics of the usage of insurance policies that we inherited that can provide us peace, using the whole lot however on the centre there’s a executive. And that executive will coordinate the affairs of every area. We’re handiest making an attempt by means of in a different way to mention we’re going again to the previous regional executive machine. This is how I have a look at it, I is also mistaken.

However the problem is that restructuring does now not imply independence of areas or independence of sections of the rustic and even independence of the ones agitating to depart the rustic. It’s not.

His take at the prevailing waves of terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, armed theft and different types of lack of confidence

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It’s unlucky. Lack of confidence doesn’t discriminate. You’ll be able to fall sufferer of lack of confidence at any given time.

Even ahead of the election of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015, the problem of lack of confidence used to be allowed to be politicised. As it’s been politicised numerous other folks have other perspectives of it and is what it in point of fact is. Between 2013 and 2014 when the true lack of confidence began we refused to position our heads in combination. As I mentioned previous, even the opposition that had just right thoughts weren’t given the risk to provide their recommendation. The federal government in energy didn’t wish to pay attention to the opposition. I feel that used to be the start of the issue.

So, many of us who weren’t in executive however had perception and information of the right way to take on lack of confidence weren’t given the risk. Secondly numerous those who served in safety parameters weren’t given the risk by means of pooling them in combination to percentage their reviews.

I don’t suppose there used to be any time or second when the ones other folks from the more than a few army, paramilitary or police have been put in combination to percentage their reviews on how they treated problems with safety all over their occasions. Because of this numerous lacuna have been entrenched as regards safety. I feel now it’s changing into very endemic; one can not commute freely from Kano to Abuja by means of highway; one can not sleep with each eyes closed; one can not commute to Zamfara or Sokoto by means of highway freely with out worry.

So, I feel, one of the simplest ways is let executive determine all those that served, from former IGs, former chiefs of Military Workforce, former NSAs, former DGs DSS to position heads in combination and make the most of their reviews and information in order that we will transfer ahead at the factor of lack of confidence.

There could also be the problem of intense cry of poverty from the folks, unemployment, deteriorating tutorial   machine, dilapidating infrastructure and others. What do you notice as the best way out?

I’m glad that you’ve got introduced up the problem. There may be such a lot poverty within the nation. Completely, there is not any doubt about that and it’s at this level that I even wish to convey up the problem of the Minister of Agriculture, Sabo Nanono. I’ve observed numerous feedback about his observation that there is not any starvation on this nation, that even in Kano one can get N30 meals to consume and be happy. He has his reason why for announcing that however perhaps he used to be misquoted and I feel he must explain the observation.   Sure, there may be plentiful meals in Nigeria, If you happen to commute from Kano to Abuja, and so forth, you are going to see uncooked foodstuff, rice, and so forth, on all sides of the street however do the folks have the cash to shop for? It’s a must to use the correct language, this is poverty. When there may be meals however no cash to shop for, this is poverty. But if there may be sufficient cash and there is not any meals to shop for, this is starvation. No doubt, there will have to be proper number of phrases. When you wish to have to make use of a phrase you must know the place to make use of it. You need to shop for yam however you don’t have cash to shop for it, this is poverty. However there may be yam out there. However if in case you have the cash to shop for and there is not any yam out there, this is starvation. Executive must realise these kinds of.

I’ve such a lot of choices. The choices can get started from the native governments and cross as much as the states and federal executive.

While you begin numerous tasks, even on the decrease stage, that’s the stage of the native governments or states, those that would have come to the towns from the native governments will keep there and paintings as laborers. Some are masons, some are carpenters, some are promoting nails, some are promoting iron sheets, some are promoting cement and a worth chain might be created. By the point they award a challenge for the development of 1 faculty at the price of N10m or N15m, it may possibly create numerous jobs in an area executive. How a lot more jobs might be created if such challenge is finished in 20 native governments? What number of people do you suppose might be engaged? Many of us might be engaged. If I’m engaged as a labourer and I’m paid N1000 according to day, I will be able to cross and however two measures of garri and the individual I purchase the garri from can even make benefit and can cross and purchase blouse. The individual he buys   blouse from can even make benefit and can cross and purchase cement to fix his area and on and so on. That’s the worth chain I’m speaking about. With that  there might be cash in circulate and poverty will scale back.

But if there is not any challenge, no activity created. Even, if you happen to return to the farm, a bag of fertilizer prices N9,000. A farmer may come to a decision to shop for however deep down in his middle he’ll be considering that he’s going to lose as a result of infrequently that he’ll make up the N9,000 he spent on fertilizer. The federal government must get a hold of tasks that can have interaction other folks. Those that are going again to farm, let the federal government lend a hand them; those that are artisans they must create actions for them.

So, if the federal government is decided to cut back the extent of poverty within the nation they may be able to do it as a result of they’ve each and every equipment to do it.


On controversies trailing the federal government’s quest for extra overseas loans

I don’t see the rest mistaken in loans. Is The us now not the most important economic system on the planet? If the American citizens inform you the loans they’ve procured you are going to be stunned. So, it’s the usage of the loans that subject. How do you successfully make the most of the loans? Will we use it judiciously or we handiest squander it or permit other folks to thieve it and switch it into their private assets? But when you’ll download a mortgage that you’ll judiciously utilise, I wish to guarantee you that there’s not anything mistaken with that.


On the level we’re lately in Nigeria, executive insurance policies don’t appear to be fashionable a number of the other folks. Those come with stiff taxations, border closures and others, what’s your take in this?

I strongly favour border closures. I wish to inform you this. From the time those boarders have been closed, have you ever imagined the improvement in agriculture? Our farmers are booming now. Previously, a bag of rice that isn’t milled offered for N6000-N7000 however now, it sells for roughly N10,000-N12,000. You’ll be able to now see how our native rice is being patronised. As a substitute of final our eyes and asking why must the borders be closed, allow us to see some great benefits of final the borders. Previously, our borders have been so porous, any automotive can are available in with no matter they sought after to, they may be able to stroll in as a result of issues have been left unsupervised. Nowadays as a result of our borders are closed numerous   issues have been came upon.

This factor of lack of confidence is progressively being minimised or no less than we are actually seeing the place those issues are. No  Nigerian ever idea {that a} workforce may cling Nigeria to ransom like Boko Haram did. Did we care to determine the place those issues come from? We can not say as a result of we don’t seem to be a part of the federal government and we don’t seem to be a part of the protection. Naturally, we imagine that there are contributions of alternative nations who’re supporting this as a result of they don’t need Nigeria to be in peace. If Nigeria is in peace, I don’t suppose there may be any nation on the planet that may fit the improvement of Nigeria. God has endowed Nigeria with the whole lot that we want. Now we have the human and herbal assets, we’ve the land. Have a look at the mineral assets which can be plentiful in each and every state in Nigeria. Did we harness them? We didn’t.

Have a look at China coming to get what they would like from Nigeria as uncooked fabrics. They put it to use, convey it again and promote it to Nigerians. The whole thing we’re purchasing from China, the uncooked subject material is sort of coming from Nigeria. That is a part of the problem of restructuring we’re speaking about. Let’s cross to Takai, there may be glass, let’s cross to Takai the place we’ve coal, let’s cross to native governments the place there are mineral assets and harness them and promote to Europe and different portions of the sector.

Allow us to get our cash as income. Because of this you’ll’t cross to different puts and spot beggars at the streets. You handiest see beggars in Nigeria or even the beggars in Nigeria are most commonly from the North and the North is a spot the place you might have nearly the whole lot with which you’ll turn out to be a wealthy guy. The richest other folks on this nation are from the North. There are silent wealthy those who don’t seem to be recognized and there are people who find themselves very wealthy and are recognized to the sector. Is there every other state or position in Nigeria that has trade moguls like Kano State? The massive time oil moguls are from Kano. Even the ones of them that don’t seem to be from Kano are living in Kano. This is the type of synergy we wish.

And the closure of the border   like I mentioned is yielding end result now. That is in my very own opinion. I’m really not a safety guy, I’m really not a customs officer however undoubtedly I do know from the start there might be some difficulties and progressively issues will come down. Only a whilst in the past I enquired concerning the costs of rice and I used to be instructed that it has began coming down. So it’ll stabilize with time. They didn’t open borders, they didn’t convey rice into this nation however it’s our personal this is being offered.

Secondly, did we even hassle to invite how lengthy the rice they’re uploading into the rustic were with them. However you take contemporary rice from Nigeria. The one factor we will do is let the federal government in finding marketplace for our farmers out of doors the rustic. Let our rice cross available in the market and compete with the ones coming from different nations. Let our rice generators support their milling programs in order that they may be able to mill higher rice which will also be taken to different portions of the sector to compete with rice from different nations. And we’ve numerous different plants, and end result.  In 2001 or 2002, I used to be the chairman senate committee on agriculture, I understand how then President Olusegun Obasanjo fought to get marketplace for casava manufacturers within the nation, and he were given it. I don’t understand how that factor went into oblivion.


At the discovery of oil in northern Nigeria

I’m so glad, more than pleased. Even this agitation coming from the south is on account of oil as a result of they see us (North) as parasites. To God be the dignity. I sincerely thank President Muhammadu Buhari as it used to be braveness and backbone that made this occur. In 2001, it used to be within the pipeline however by no means noticed the sunshine of the day because of political pursuits. I’ve a pal, Senator Matori, I understand how he had fought for this oil smartly in Bauchi. He fought for it after we have been within the Senate. Sadly, lets handiest legislate however had no powers to ship other folks to begin investigating ahead of it turns into a fact. Thankfully, it’s all over President Muhammadu Buhari that it has turn out to be a fact. I’m glad and sincerely thank President Buhari for taking the North out of this messy state of affairs the place anyone will simply get up and say Northerners are parasites. With this construction no one can have a look at us from the north and say we’re parasites.   There also are numerous spaces the place expectantly we will be able to get extra. In Sokoto, round Tangaza we’ve oil, we’ve it in Borno within the Chad basin, we’ve in Kogi on the border with Enugu. It is only about braveness and backbone and using the assets to get this factor finished. It’s my hope that ahead of President Buhari leaves place of job we will be able to have about 4 or 5 states with oil so that they’re going to be a number of the oil generating states of the rustic.



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