Lady's Abruptly Crimson Pee Had Medical doctors Guessing


WEDNESDAY, Oct. 30, 2019 — No ‘crimson rain’ jokes, please.

A 70-year-old French lady hospitalized for stroke left her physicians perplexed after her urine took on an odd hue.

Ten days after receiving a urinary catheter as a part of her post-stroke remedy, “her urine seemed crimson,” reported Drs. Leo Placais and Christian Denier, of Bicetre Clinic within the the city of Le Kremlin-Bicetre, France.

Alternatively, the shiny plummy colour wasn’t an indication of the rest extra critical than a food-microbe interplay, defined one U.S. doctor who learn over the case learn about.

“Within the spirit of Halloween, even paranormal task like crimson urine can also be defined scientifically,” mentioned Dr. Man Mintz. He directs cardiovascular well being at Northwell Well being’s Sandra Atlas Bass Center Clinic in Manhasset, N.Y.

On this case, the lady evolved crimson pee as a result of her urine changed into extra alkaline, fairly than acidic, Mintz defined. On the identical time, there was once “an inner chemical response between micro organism in her urine and the breakdown of meals from her intestine,” he mentioned.

Particularly, a not unusual meals chemical referred to as tryptophan underwent chemical adjustments inside the lady’s digestive tract and liver, the place it metabolized to shape a compound referred to as indoxyl sulfate, the French researchers mentioned.

“When excreted within the urine, indoxyl sulfate can also be damaged down by way of bacterial enzymes to shape indigo and indirubin, which can be blue and crimson, respectively, developing the colour crimson when blended,” they reported within the Oct. 30 factor of the New England Magazine of Drugs.

Any selection of micro organism traces can paintings on indoxyl sulfate on this means, and so “crimson urine isn’t associated with an an infection or any type of pathology, however because of a chemical response,” Mintz defined.

The lady was once given extra fluids and her urine in the end misplaced its top alkalinity — over a couple of days it grew to become again to a standard yellow colour.

Sadly, her stroke left the affected person disabled, and she or he is now in a long-term care facility, in keeping with the document.

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There is extra on wholesome urinary drift at U.S. Nationwide Institute on Getting older.

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Posted: October 2019



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