Tribunals and our elections


Attorneys seated on the tribunal anticipating the arriving of the judges

Through Declan Mbadiwe Emelumba

‘The tribunals,no longer the folk,have the general say on election; they’re the gods of election in Nigeria, no longer the folk’

This season of election petitions and the tribunals thereof will have to remind us of the large powers of the judiciary in our election procedure.

Presently many can not however agitate their minds with a sundry pertinent,albeit , rhetoric, questions: How a lot of the process Justice do the tribunals truly serve, in particular those who   adjudicate within the states? Why is it that a median flesh presser will gleefully admit that he’s going to   wish to win elections in any respect price and be taken to courtroom than lose and move to courtroom?

Those   rhetoric questions are requisite the entire similar to assist us re-energize our psyche again to the truth of the bigger than lifestyles position the tribunals play in our elections. The brutal reality is that the tribunals are   the god of elections on this nation, most certainly extra   than in another nation. The tribunals,no longer the folk,have the general say on election issues. The opposite   is the case in civilised climes. Maximum election effects declared by means of INEC are   validated or invalidated by means of the tribunals, making victory or defeat on the polls an insignificant number one step within the election procedure.

Fact to inform, this is a noble thought to have those tribunals function a degree enjoying floor for aggrieved election contestants,to hunt redress, to call for for Justice. However do they supply that degree enjoying box?. Is Justice served at election petition tribunals and observed to be served?. My candid take is they don’t precisely supply both a degree enjoying floor nor do they   serve or observed to be serving justice. Explanation why?. They’re bugged down and weighted down by means of two primary elements: Technicalities and unavoidable possibilities of benefactor affect

Allow us to first take a look at the technical bottlenecks the tribunals face which block the unfastened waft of Justice. In most cases it’s   the litigant,the aggrieved, who will have to turn out the case of election fraud past all doubts.   In essence the person accused of the fraud is the only   nearly safe by means of the regulation.

That is in tandem with the grand norm of our statues which is that the   accused is presumed blameless till   proved accountable. But I’ve just right causes to suppose that for election issues the opposite will have to practice. Will go back to why in a while.

So in a state of affairs   the place the possible offender is safe by means of our regulations, is it any marvel then that many politicians will do the entirety, each human and inhuman, to win an election? The unwritten code of an ordinary flesh presser is to   destroy the entire regulations and protected victory first : Bloat the true   numbers of your votes, a long way above the selection of registered citizens, purchase votes, make use of brute drive to intimidate everybody, together with getting you declared winner by means of drive and so forth., so long as you get victory. That is the unstated political code in our clime;all is definitely that results in victory.   For   some   other people from my state, Imo, those traces will have to sound acquainted . Don’t they ?

Now’s there any reason why a median flesh presser won’t wish to overtly destroy all regulations simply to win ?

The regulation protects   the victor thus making it a herculean   job   for the   Vanquished to turn out past all affordable doubts that   there was once election fraud.

It’s certainly an agonizing irony that during a temple of Justice   a most likely top crime offender is obtainable coverage by means of the regulation. Mark you, this isn’t simply an odd most likely civil perpetrator   however a imaginable large time felony who perhaps stole   the collective mandate of the folk for his non-public objectives.

That is why I consider that election crime will have to be   handled otherwise as a result of this is a top   crime   in opposition to the desire   of the folk. It if truth be told quantities to treason in opposition to democracy. Personally, and taking into consideration the well-known banditry in opposition to the desire   of the folk by means of some politicians, in any disputed election, it will have to be the assumed winner who will have to   turn out in courtroom that he gained and in addition how he gained. This means will fairly cut back the existing aberration of hiding below technicalities to evade Justice

Sure, for election issues, the French prison norm will have to practice, which is,that the accused is presumed accountable till proved in a different way. With this in position no longer many politicians will to find both the nerve or impudence to rig elections with reckless abandon

The second one encumbering issue at the efficacy of the tribunals is the purpose of starting place of the appointment of Judges, or the place they’re appointed from.   Those are Judges appointed to the tribunals from state judiciaries. At the start they’re state top courtroom Judges. Granted that every one top courtroom Judges are below one federal judicial authority,   but it’s an undeniable fact that the state top courtroom Judges are nonetheless in large part depending on state governments for lots of values.   Their appointments to the bench are facilitated by means of the state governors simply as their promotions to the upper bench are oiled by means of them. Additionally the state Judges rely at the governors for sundry different invisible welfare that lubricate their operations.

In a state of affairs equivalent to this ,it turns into obtrusive that the state judiciary upholding it’s a lot publicized independence will probably be an uphill job. The most obvious reality is that to the contrary they’re in large part dependent at the Govt. Because of this they are able to be arm twisted   to do the bidding in their   benefactors. That is best   herbal and   unavoidable

Take for example the case of the chairman of Imo State Governorship Election Tribunal. He’s a top courtroom Pass judgement on from Sokoto state. The state Governor is a widely recognized very long time best friend and buddy of the Governor of Imo state. Why will someone consider that the Sokoto state Governor could also be reluctant to carry his affect to endure at the   tribunal chairman to assist his buddy and very long time best friend?,   Anybody can elevate such suspicion particularly if the 2 governors are of similar celebration.

The occasions that performed out on the Imo Governorship Tribunal give vent to this line of concept. The APC candidate,Sen Hope Uzodimma, during looking to turn out why he will have to be declared the winner of the March governorship elections tendered effects from 388 polling gadgets the place he gained however neglected by means of INEC within the ultimate tally,which supplies him victory when added.

The tribunal admitted the effects as shows and went   additional to subpoena the police government,as prison custodians of election effects, to return and provides proof at the neglected effects


The police dutifully obeyed the courtroom and gave the impression earlier than the tribunal.   The PDP and Governor Emeka Ihedioha objected to their being allowed to offer proof.   After a lot ado the tribunal dominated that the police will have to soft their proof and thereafter they forwarded their very own copies of the neglected 388 polling unit effects, which   corroborated Uzodimma’s   personal copies . The tribunal admitted the effects as shows

Then again, the similar tribunal grew to become round in its ultimate judgement to mention that the police have been on the tribunal on a frolic of their very own. Reasonably complicated, you could agree.   So how can one face up to the temptation to consider that there was once no affect from even the place there was once none.

In fact no longer a couple of   observers are ready anxiously to look how the enchantment courts will unravel this.

The incident reminds one among what came about on the particular army tribunal in Jos, plateau state, in 1984,the place former Governor Solomon Lar confronted trial for corruptly enriching himself. The chairman of the tribunal in his judgement admitted that the tribunal discovered no proof of corrupt enrichment in opposition to Lar however went forward to condemn him to a few years in jail. That is by means of the way in which.

The purpose at factor here’s that state governors being the benefactors of those top courtroom Judges   can if truth be told affect them in an election petition trial, as a result of the entire political pursuits therein. After all it may be argued that the similar can practice to the federal degree. I agree. Because of this   my tips about imaginable therapies are all encompassing

Allow us to get started with the believable treatment to the encumbrance of appointing state top courtroom Judges. My humble opinion is that election petition/ panel participants, each state and federal, will have to be drawn from the ranks of retired judges. My take is that retired Judges will probably be freer from the overbearing affect of incumbent leader Executives as a result of they don’t seem to be taking a look as much as to any favours from them. Once more the club of state   tribunals don’t need to be   limited to retired state top courtroom Judges.   They will have to come with retired federal top courtroom Judges. However such Judges will have to be those that retired with out blemish and who’ve   verifiable apolitical monitor report.   Unnecessary so as to add that such Judges are extra   more likely to dispense Justice with out worry or favour

I’m prone to consider that the encumbrance of technical stumbling blocks will also be remedied by means of legally empowering the intelligence secret carrier businesses and unbiased election observers to observe and report the habits of each and every election on the polling unit degree. A distinct intelligence secret carrier company will also be arrange to enroll in the present ones and the unbiased observers for this objective. The unbiased observers will have to be credible and nameless best recognized to best INEC officers.

After each and every election season and earlier than the graduation of election petition tribunals, those intelligence businesses, and the unbiased observers shall make to be had to the tribunals copies in their reviews in each and every polling unit as they impact the realm of jurisdiction of each and every tribunal.

Those reviews will assist the tribunal participants to uphold or brush aside claims of electoral fraud or violence as a result of they are going to   objectively tell their conclusions, thereby making them much less depending on technical issues of regulation to ascertain justice

I agree that to succeed in this may increasingly   require amendments to electoral regulations. Then again I do know that it’s potential.

What’s essential is for   us to do no matter that may be executed to make the election petition tribunals truly the extent enjoying box for aggrieved contestants. The whole thing will have to be executed to cause them to the centres for the dispensation of Justice, the place justice is completed and observed to be executed. Because the announcing is going, public belief is the entirety. Because it stands lately   I think that the general public belief of those tribunals is that they’re the temples, no longer the place Justice is completed and observed to be   executed however the place   justice can   be derailed and even procured. This belief is a tragic remark on our polity and it’s not serving to to deepen our democracy

  • Emelumba, a two time member of IMHA,is the Director of Media, Uzodimma marketing campaign Organisation




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