POLICE AGULU CONFERENCE:  Ikponmwen, ex-Military leader fires at IGP


IGP Abubakar Adamu

…Military must prevent usurping   Police tasks

…Says NPF must overlook symbol laundering, take on capability of guys, apparatus

FORMER Provost Marshal of the Nigerian Military, Brigadier-Common Don Idada Ikponmwen (retd.),  has lashed out at  the Inspector Common of Police, IGP,  over his declaration   that  ”laundering” or “re-branding” the picture of the Nigeria Police Pressure, NPF, would make it environment friendly, announcing the police boss shockingly underestimated the issue handy.

Reacting to IGP’s remark on the fresh Police Public Family members Officials (PPROs) Convention at Agulu, Anambra State, thus, ‘It’s the realization of the dangerous symbol of the NPF that knowledgeable the verdict of my management to embark on symbol laundering actions to re place the Nigeria Police drive.’

And IGP’s additional remarks via his consultant, Assistant Inpector Common of Police, AIG, Baba Tijani, to wit, ‘Unarguably, positive indiscretion and perceived inactivity by way of some team of workers of the drive in addition to the safety demanding situations in some portions of the rustic have an effect on negatively at the symbol of the Nigerian Police Pressure (NPF).’  In addition to his price to the PPROs, ‘I encourage the NPF symbol makers to do the entirety humanly conceivable to right kind the placement.’

The retired military officer officer and lawyer mentioned the IGP’s comprehension of the that means of laundering used to be inaccurate, because it method false presentation and whitewashing, positing. “The IGP must, due to this fact, discard the speculation of “laundering the picture of NPF altogether, as it portrays detrimental that means to the general public. Certainly no quantity of re-branding could be enough to turn into the NPF as it’s lately right into a worthy asset for environment friendly nationwide safety control.”

He said, “The means of ‘laundering’ as a measure for correcting the anomalies within the NPF will have to be jettisoned as a result of no quantity of re-laundering will resolve the core problems militating in opposition to the potency of the Pressure. Our view is that the questions of orientation, working towards, apparatus, motivation, patriotism, manpower and ok investment being very a very powerful must had been discussed within the vital Agulu Convention.”

But even so different tips on how the Police would get out of the current conundrum, he mentioned the government must prevent encouraging the usurpation of police position by way of the army, particularly the military.

Little kudos

His phrases: “The primary level I imagine vital to make at the IGP’s submission is that the IGP merits commendation of Nigerians for publicly acknowledging the deficient symbol of the drive even supposing the truth that the police have a foul symbol is in truth a question of commonplace wisdom. The police boss merits commendation as a result of many a pacesetter in Nigeria, lately, would reasonably need everybody to consider that every one is easily with the group below their regulate or purview.”

“This perspective of covering-up standard of governments and lots of leaders in our polity accounts for why the institutional issues of our govt institutions, together with the Police proceed to defile answer. Due to this fact, this public admission of the IGP is going a protracted approach to display that the IGP is a humble and brave chief desirous of constructing a significant alternate within the NPF.

“The IGP harped severely on why he launched into symbol–laundering as a way of having the PPROs to be extra environment friendly throughout the general safety equipment of Nigeria. I perceived the IGP riding the purpose that an advanced public-presentation of the NPF as it’s lately would severely make stronger the worrisome NPF symbol and by way of implication the safety scenario in Nigeria. Needless to say, no person can fault any try of the IGP to make stronger the picture of the NPF below his watch,” he asserted.

The true drawback

On the other hand, Ikponmwen antagonistic the police boss, announcing, “I encourage to fluctuate that this assumption that the development of NPF symbol by way of hook and criminal would make stronger the price of the police safety scenario in Nigeria can’t be true. Thus, that assumption is tantamount to over-simplification, under-rating and downsizing of the character and enormity of the NPF demanding situations.”

“An off-the-cuff connection with Wikipedia, or any dictionary for that topic, would disclose that the phrase “launder” method false presentation, white washing or superficial clean-up of the thing in query, which gadgets within the provide circumstance, is the NPF itself reasonably than the PPRO.

“The true matter of outrage to the IGP and certainly to all Nigerians isn’t the picture, however the way in which the NPF truly and almost is, and no longer how they’re made to appear, or portrayed by way of Police government or Executive of the day. It’s compelling to make this level as a result of, like everyone knows, a just right subject matter sells itself and hardly ever wishes any commercial.

“Let me put it succinctly that no person can bundle a foul or unmarketable stuff. Even though Executive or NPF succeeds in such futile workout, it could handiest be short-lived as a result of fraudulent misrepresentation and deceit can handiest be short-lived. It, due to this fact, implies that the marketer would ultimately earn a foul title for deceiving the populace.

“ In this be aware, due to this fact, it will have to be obviously said right here that regardless of how properly the IGP pushes the problem of  ‘laundering’ or  ‘re-branding’, the truth stays that he would reach not anything with out first putting in a reputable and environment friendly Pressure, well worth the re-branding,” he added.

What Nigerians need?

In line with him, “Nigerians and the arena at huge are excited about seeing the NPF develop into a veritable regulation enforcement company visibly able to keeping up regulation and order all over the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Nationals and foreigners alike need regulation and order maintained and warranted from minute to minute, day after day and certainly across the clock.”

“The one approach to successful the arrogance of other people is to have a police drive correctly executing its constitutional / felony tasks with most talent and experience. In different phrases, no such injunction as ‘doing no matter is humanly conceivable’ from IGP or any govt functionary for that topic, would supply treatment to the NPF safety lapses except the actual factor of capability and capacity of the NPF to discharge her lawful tasks professionally and successfully is first addressed. That’s the required symbol making,” he asserted

Indiscretion/State of no activity

Ikponmwen endured: “Now to the problem of ‘indiscretion’ and ‘perceived inactivity’ by way of some team of workers of the drive vis-a-viz the safety demanding situations in some portions of the rustic as asserted by way of the IGP. What seems to come back out of the IGP’s remark on this admire is that the safety scenario in North Jap Nigeria is traceable to mere indiscretion and mere inactivity and that those are the reasons of the dangerous symbol of the drive.”

“It will have to, due to this fact, be pointedly said, originally, that it isn’t handiest within the North-Jap a part of Nigeria that the harmful phenomenon of lack of confidence is prevalent. This is a nation-wide-phenomenon. Secondly and extra in particular, let me upload that the phrases ‘indiscretion’ and ‘inactivity’ as unhealthy risk to safety in Nigeria isn’t extraordinary to the North Jap a part of Nigeria by myself. Thirdly, the deficient symbol of the Police pre-dated the present waves of lack of confidence as witnessed within the North East and different portions of the rustic.

“Moreover, the phrase indiscretion and perceived inactivity generally tend to over simplify or whittle-down the actual enormity of the lapses within the NPF operations. Doubtless, the connection with perceived inactivity within the context of IGP’s cope with gives the look that those ‘inactions’ don’t seem to be in truth actual within the conception of the IGP. I consider that there’s a large hole between accountability and restraint and that is so as a result of, while discretion is an issue of selection, which is hardly ever sanctionable, a breach of accountability is obviously reprehensible and punishable.

“In different phrases, those fluid makes use of of phrases like discretion and perceived inactivity generally tend to turn that the IGP failed to recognize the hurt that failure to behave correctly by way of police team of workers constitutes extra significant issue within the regulation enforcement tasks of the NPF than indiscretion and perceived inactivity. It’s unarguable that wrongful movements by way of males of the NPF have no longer gained sufficient consideration of the IGP.

“This side of the IGP’s remark, due to this fact, has a tendency to water down the chance that wrongful movements and conducts, together with other kinds of illegal activity occasioned to the NPF and the Nigeria Polity at huge. No person can faux that individuals of the general public don’t seem to be mindful that a number of culpable movements of the NPF team of workers contributed severely to doing injury to police operation and symbol.

“For instance, is it no longer commonplace wisdom that many doubtful individuals, together with some foreigners have some senior cops on their common pay-role? Does any one want evidence of the truth that some senior cops be expecting and certainly do get returns from the boys they deployed to roadblocks and different assignments? Is it no longer an open secret that some dangerous cops business guns and ammunition for cash, thus assisting robberies, kidnapping and so forth? Have some cops no longer been discovered almost interested by theft and kidnapping? He mentioned.

Willful culpable movements

The ex-army leader asserted, “Different culpable movements throughout the police group which can be inside public wisdom come with extortion of cash from drivers, motorists, buyers in addition to prevalent embezzlement of finances supposed for police operations, unwarranted and unjustifiable arrest in conjunction with felony call for for bail-money. Checklist of different condemnable movements come with acquire of posting and deployments in addition to politically motivated deployment of team of workers, which is as prevalent within the NPF as it’s in every other businesses of presidency.  I feel those are extra severe problems than indiscretions and perceived inactivity that seem to be of extra worry within the IGP’s declaration at Agulu.”

“In all probability, the venue of PPRO Convention would possibly not had been the most efficient or handiest road for the IGP to specific his solution to lasting technique to the issue led to by way of his males by way of their culpable movements and reprehensible habits, which in truth is extra significant issue of the NPF.

“One would have , due to this fact, anticipated that an IGP, frank and brave sufficient to confess publicly that the NPF has dangerous symbol, to  the additional mile to harp on some primary problems mitigating the potency of this vital outfit below his watch. This is a matter, which might had been extra a very powerful to the topic of achieving the specified degree of safety in our nation,” he mentioned.

Necessary spaces of demanding situations

He said, “Nigerians, with none iota of doubt, require an NPF this is extremely skilled, extremely disciplined and extremely motivated. With out those components, our police can’t be relied on for supply of the environment friendly carrier they owe Nigeria, which is repairs of regulation and order in addition to safety of lives and homes which is central to their life.”

He steered the federal government and NPF most sensible brasses to deal with the query of correct re-orientation, declaring, “It kind of feels to me that the colonial mentality at inception, which knowledgeable the title of ‘Nigeria Police’ reasonably than ‘Nigerian Police’, remains to be maintaining sway. Some well-meaning senior cops serving and retired have mentioned so prior to now in transparent phrases.

“The Police in Nigeria used to be established as a police to safeguard the passion of His Imperial Majesty’s govt and his colonial directors with emphasis on suppressing/repressing any native agitators or disobedience. Lately, the orientation is almost the similar with most people trust that the NPF exists for the advantage of govt, govt officers and their privileged buddies,” he added.

Method out

His opinion: “We will have to get started the re-orientation of the NPF with converting the title to Nigerian Police; this is how the speculation and psychology of a police for the folks would emerge and ultimately take root. The NPF will have to know that the police exist for the protection of each and every Nigerian in addition to each and every resident of Nigeria.”

“To my thoughts, there can also be no argument in regards to the relevance of this matter of nationalist feeling some of the team of workers of the NPF as a pre-requisite for an effective Pressure. Maximum Nigerians lately haven’t any sentimental/emotional attachment to the speculation of Nigeria as our nation. Many are not able to understand obviously, what the rustic is doing or able to do for them. It can be recalled that J.F Kennedy, Former President of the United State of The usa (USA) mentioned, ‘Suppose no longer what your nation can do for you however what you’ll do on your nation’

“Nice as that concept sounds; I feel that degree of reasoning is simply too complicated for the typical Nigerian as at lately. The extraordinary Nigerian does no longer consider that the rustic would do anything else to avoid wasting him/her. That is extra explanation why governments in any respect ranges will have to pay attention to making sure that effort is geared against development self belief in our other people by way of permitting them to know that this nation is there for everybody with out exception.

“Thus, the NPF and certainly all safety or regulation enforcement team of workers will have to exude and bubble with this sense of patriotism and loyalty as one of the vital primary pre-requisites for a dedicated and trustworthy NPF. Each and every police officer will have to be confident that there could be lifestyles even after loss of life; no longer only for himself/herself but additionally for his cherished ones after his/her loss of life.

“Nigeria will have to be able and ready to temporarily come to assistance from any individual who stands in peril of lifestyles or severe risk to assets. For us in Nigeria, a minimum of for now, loyalty of presidency/leaders will have to beget the loyalty of the citizenry. Beginning this manner, the laudable concept of J.F Kennedy would progressively evolve.


The following level of relevance to the subject of re-positioning the NPF is the problem of coaching. The NPF team of workers will have to be gifted basically police tasks and but make sure the provision of the ones which can be well- groomed in spaces of related specialties; the catchwords will have to be working towards and re-training always. There are spaces which can be of basic nature for all cops and spaces of area of expertise like investigation,  which itself has additional specialties like surveillance, forensic, hand-writing, interrogation and so forth. Such mavens must be to be had in just right quantity in any respect ranges of Police instructions with the intention to reach fascinating ranges of experience commensurate with modern-day policing. No Police Group can forget about the crucial of constant working towards, inside its common individuals. This factor will have to due to this fact be of significant worry, which the police boss will have to pursue.

Good enough energy/manpower

“Nigeria is working a police drive this is properly beneath the UN usual scales of 1 policeman to 400 voters. The previous IGP, Ibrahim Idris, in 2016, mentioned the NPF had to recruit 155,000 individuals into the NPF for this nation of 182 million other people to get anyplace close to this international usual. There’s no proof that the paintings drive scenario of the NPF has advanced in any important means ever since. The continuing effort of the current management of President Muhammadu Buhari is due to this fact commendable and merits follow-up and correct implementation by way of the IGP. Nigerians want the reassurance that that is been performed.

Equipping the Pressure

“At the side of the problems of manpower and coaching, point out will have to be fabricated from the outright threat of inadequacy of the NPF apparatus. Lately, maximum police stations can’t boast of ok provide of stationery; no longer to discuss different vital police {hardware}; the police process complainants to supply fund for identical as prerequisite for addressing complainant’s issues; identical for car and different pieces severely wanted by way of the drive. The NPF will have to, due to this fact, be correctly supplied and funded and the apparatus and finances put to correct use. The price range of N409 billion within the proposed 2020 Finances for NPF might be insufficient, however the IGP will have to press the related organs of presidency for ok investment of the NPF.


“The will for top degree of motivation which mixes with different attributes for reinforcing morale (combating/running spirit) within the NPF can’t be over emphasised. They will have to be paid a wage that may maintain them as a result of a hungry police officer, beset with house drawback of which he has no manner of addressing, is a threat to the society. Past pay/allowance, government must cater for a police officer within the match of loss of life on lively carrier.

“In a similar fashion, even the ones disengaged from carrier will have to be noticed to are living an ordinary of lifestyles no longer severely beneath what he attained on lively carrier and this will have to be mirrored even within the pension cost of disengaged Police Rank and Document. Right here once more, the President Buhari fresh effort at addressing the emoluments of the NPF and different para-military services and products will have to be counseled even because the IGP may be anticipated to take care of the power.

Just right police management

“The reassurance of fine management is a sine-qua-non for the morale of policemen. The NPF must be well- administered in each and every sense of the phrase. Just right management comprises correct dispensation of justice and truthful play. There will have to be punishment for deserving offenders and praise for just right cops in truthful and correct means, however no longer on the expense of correct justice. On this connection, IGP must know when some pursuits deny interdicted team of workers got rid of from carrier on some allegations their rights to go back when their instances are ultimately resolved of their favour by way of the courts. Such instances want the cautious consideration of the IGP and govt for extra causes than one as a result of it is going to level to just right management and assist morale,” he mentioned.

NPF felony/Constitutional position

Ikponmwen maintained, “The position of the NPF as the primary organ of regulation enforcement in Nigeria as entrenched within the charter and current regulations will have to be upheld. Protection Operatives will have to no longer unnecessarily be made to take over the tasks of police for no justifiable explanation why as their position is correctly stipulated in phase 218 of the charter in addition to within the Police Act.”

“We will have to,  due to this fact,  be aware that the speculation of presidency and management in any respect ranges encouraging near-total usurpation of police position by way of the Armed Forces does no longer inspire the NPF to grasp and make stronger on their jobs and that such practices demystify and distract the army and diminishes the esteem of the NPF, which setting can’t advertise potency within the NPF.

“This anomaly which has prevailed even ahead of the go back to civil management in Nigeria (1999) has gotten worse with successive democratic regimes since 1999; other democratic administrations have endured to depend on army drive to maintain a few of their illegalities and illegitimacy to the data of the general public,” he mentioned.

Written by way of Leading edge, Crime guard division

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